Criminal Defense

Being charged with your investigated for a crime is a scary time for anyone. There are many questions and very few answers, which leads to anxiety. St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Korner can help answer your questions and protect your rights. Unfortunately, the police and the courts are not on your side when you have been charged with a crime so it is important to speak with a criminal defense attorney whose job it is to look out for you.

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DWI Defense Lawyer

Many attorneys think they can handle DWI cases, but there are only a few who specialize in DWI defense. Jason Korner has the DWI specific knowledge and trial experience to get real results for his clients who have been accused of drunk driving. Mr. Korner has successfully handled jury trials for both first time offenders and clients who have had multiple prior offenses and were facing felony charges and prison time.

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Sex Crimes

If you have been charged with a sex crime, then you have an uphill battle to fight throughout the case. Prosecutors devote great deal of time, attention and resources to the prosecution of sex crimes because they view these crimes as particularly egregious. People who are found guilty of murder sometimes serve less prison time then a person convicted of certain sex offenses.

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Federal Crimes

Anyone charged with a federal crime should immediately consult an attorney who is experienced in the federal criminal justice system. The federal system is unique and much different from the state criminal system in Missouri. The federal system has a different set of rules for evidence and sentencing along with more experienced and aggressive prosecutors.

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