Possession with Intent to Distribute

Possession with intent to distribute is charged when police believe they have evidence of a person selling or trading drugs. This charge can take many different forms, but in all forms this is a serious charge that carries a range of punishment from five to fifteen years in prison. Prosecutors must prove drug possession and also additional facts that would prove a person intended to distribute the drugs he possessed. Prosecutors will often use statements made by the person to show he had the intention to distribute or sell the drug he possessed. Other evidence of distribution could be the packaging of the drugs, i.e. if the drugs were divided into small bags that are in quantities common for sale. The police will try to search cell phones in search of text messages that discuss the sale or trade of drugs. Based on a recent Supreme Court decision, police now need a person’s consent to search a cell phone.

Do Not Consent to Any Searches by Police

It is important that any person dealing with the police during all investigations, but especially drug investigations, do not make any statements. Also, do not consent to the search of anything, not a car, not a purse or backpack, and definitely not a search of a cell phone. Limiting the amount of evidence is an important first step in all drug cases. In a possession with intent to distribute case, limiting the evidence available to the prosecutor may help to make the case only possession, and not the more serious crime of distribution.

Possession with Intent to Distribute Lawyer Jason Korner

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