St. Louis Drug Court & Alternative Disposition Programs

Many courts in the St. Louis area have Drug Court programs. These programs are for people who face criminal charges stemming from drug problems. Although drug possession is the most common charge in Drug Court, many other charges could be appropriate for the program under the right circumstances. The most important factor when determining whether someone is a candidate for Drug Court is to determine whether the person’s current charges involve any allegations of violence or if the person has a violent criminal history. Violence will almost always disqualify a person from Drug Court eligibility.


What Are the Benefits and Obligations of Drug Court?

Drug Courts in the counties in the St. Louis area operate differently, and each has its own benefits and obligations. The greatest benefit in some of the Drug Courts, including St. Louis County, is that upon successful completion of the program the criminal charge is dismissed. Drug Court programs generally take between 12 and 15 months to complete, with different phases in the program during that time. Obligations usually involve, but are not limited to, appearing in court one time each week, drug tests, and participation in outside counseling and support groups.


Is My Case Right for Drug Court?

There are many attorneys who believe if they can get a client into Drug Court then the client should enter the program. The philosophy of Jason Korner is different. Mr. Korner believes that no two cases, and no two clients are the same, and because of those differences each person needs his or her case looked at individually. The Drug Court program could be the perfect outcome for many clients and cases, but it is not right for everyone. For people who do not want to conform to the rigid structure and mandatory requirements of the Drug Court program, other options should be looked into for their cases. Mr. Korner will not pigeonhole any client, and he certainly does not believe the same path fits all clients. Mr. Korner will evaluate each case and discuss various options with each of his clients to determine the best possible outcome.


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