St. Louis Drug Possession Lawyer

The most common crime charged in association with drugs is drug possession. Possession of drugs gets charged in a variety of fact patterns. Many times possession charges stem from an incident where the police were already involved, such as a traffic stop, that then leads to a search of property or the person, and drugs are discovered as a result. Due to the nature of these interactions, drug possession cases are perfect for Fourth Amendment challenges to the search and the seizure of the drugs. This area of law, more than many others, allows for skilled drug defense lawyers to get cases thrown out due to improper police procedures and conduct. Defenses available in drug cases.


Is Drug Possession a Felony in Missouri?

All drug possession crimes in Missouri are felonies with the exception of possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana. This is true even for first time offenders, which is one reason it is vitally important to have these drug possession charges handled properly by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Also, unlike many other states, expungements for drug crimes are not generally available in Missouri, which means the best time to fight drug crime is when the case first goes to court.


Drug Possession Lawyer Jason Korner

Jason Korner is a St. Louis drug possession defense lawyer with an excellent reputation of challenging the police conduct that resulted in the drug possession charges. When Mr. Korner is successful in these challenges, then prosecutors are not allowed to use the drugs as evidence in the case, and because of the lack of allowable evidence those cases are often dismissed.

If you, or a family member, hasbeen charged with drug possession in the St. Louis area, then contact The Law Office of Jason A. Korner to discuss the facts of your case, and what defenses may be available in your specific case. You can schedule a free consultation with Mr. Korner by calling 314-409-2659. You can also click here to fill out an information form and Mr. Korner will call you to discuss your case and your rights.