What Can Cause License Suspension and Revocation in Missouri?

Possessing a driver’s license in Missouri is a privilege conferred by the government — not an inviolate right. As a result, scores of local residents have their drivers’ licenses revoked every year because of moving violations. Even minor offenses may be seen as reasons to pursue license suspension or revocation. However, there are a few key categories of violations that will almost certainly lead to license suspension for a criminal defendant.

First, those who are accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol generally have their licenses suspended. Drivers who have amassed a certain number of traffic violations, or “points,” on their licenses may also be subject to license suspension. If the driver is found operating a vehicle with a suspended license, revocation could quickly follow. Other violations that can cause the loss of a license include leaving the scene of an accident with injury, reckless driving, drag racing and even failing to respond to a traffic summons.

Drivers may also be surprised to learn that their licenses may be revoked or suspended because of non-driving related violations. For example, individuals who are convicted of drug-related offenses often have their licenses revoked. This is particularly true of minor residents. Individuals who alter their license plates or use false plates can also be targeted for license revocation.

Having your license revoked or suspended can be a serious inconvenience — and it may even cost you your job or worse. Instead of simply sitting back and allowing the courts to take your driving privileges, consider fighting the traffic violation in criminal court. Motorists who are accused of DWI and other violations still have legal rights in court.

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