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Most People in Missouri Know Legal Limits for Drunk Driving

Most People in Missouri Know Legal Limits for Drunk Driving

Anheuser-Busch, which is based out of St. Louis, Missouri, recently did a study to find out how well people in the United States understand the drunk driving laws, and they found that the majority of the people asked really do know what the legal limits are. That limit is currently set at .08 for BAC.

The survey was done via the Internet, and 1,978 people were asked about the law. The totals showed that 61 percent of participants understood that they had to be less than .08 if they wanted to drive a motor vehicle. On top of that, 82 percent of those who were asked said that they knew their BAC could keep rising as alcohol worked through their system, even if they had actively stopped consuming alcohol for the night.

An official for the company noted that, even though people had this knowledge, there were still 10,000 fatalities across the United States that were connected to drunk driving. That stat was for the year 2012. However, the official also pointed out that the last 30 years have seen the total fall by around 51 percent.

The beer company also asked people if they knew that the total amount of alcohol in wine, beer and liquor was not always the same. Most people – 88 percent – said that they did.

Being familiar with alcohol restrictions is important, as anyone who is facing a drunk driving charge needs to know exactly what the law constitutes as drunk driving so that they can fully understand both the charges that are being brought against them and the legal rights that they have as they face those charges.

Source: Source: STL Today, “Most Americans are aware of blood alcohol limits, A-B survey shows,” Lisa Brown, July 2, 2014

Jason Korner

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