Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer – St. Louis

Attorney Jason Korner has a track record of successful results in federal criminal cases here in St. Louis. Mr. Korner practices only in the field of criminal defense with a strong focus on aggressively defending people accused of crimes in federal court. He has proudly represented public officials, doctors, lawyers, pilots, senior business executives, and many other individuals who were charged with federal crimes. Although each of these clients came to the firm with different charges and facts, their goals were all the same, win the case and minimize the consequences of the federal charges.

Although Mr. Korner practices in all areas of federal criminal defense, the majority of the firm’s cases have been in the following areas:

The Difference Between State and Federal Crimes

Federal crimes nearly always carry harsher penalties than cases brought by state prosecutors. A drug crime that would almost always result in probation if brought in state court will often leave a criminal defendant in federal court facing a lengthy prison term. The drug cases are just one example, but the same can be said for most other crimes including white-collar offenses. This is one reason it is so important to have an experienced and successful federal criminal defense attorney on your side if you have been charged with any crime in federal court.


I Have Never Been to Missouri, Why Is My Case Being Prosecuted in St. Louis?

The jurisdiction of a federal court is much more expansive than a state court. This is especially true in cases involving conspiracy, where only one or two of multiple defendants may have committed a portion of the crime in the St. Louis area, but the entire case, including all defendants, can be charged in federal court in St. Louis. It has been common for the firm to represent individuals from outside the St. Louis area, and Mr. Korner is experienced in handling the practical issues that can arise in such cases.


This Is My First Offense, Why Am I Facing Prison Time?

Federal courts are more likely than state courts to give prison sentences to first time offenders. An individual’s lack of criminal history will be taken into account by the court, but it will be only one of many factors the judge will look at when determining an appropriate sentence. Fortunately, there have been safeguards put into place, especially for drug related crimes, so first time offenders can avoid lengthy mandatory minimum sentences. Mr. Korner litigates the facts of the case, but also always conduct due diligence to know his client’s criminal history and background so he can accurately inform both the federal prosecutor and the court about the good qualities of his clients.


Do I Need An Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

Yes, the complexity and severity of federal criminal investigations and prosecutions makes it essential to retain an attorney experienced in the defense of these crimes. If you need a federal criminal defense attorney in St. Louis, contact our firm at (314) 409-2659 to discuss the facts of your case with Jason Korner, or click here and fill out the information box and Mr. Korner will call you discuss your case. Mr. Korner is dedicated to pursuing justice for his clients who have been charged with crimes in federal court.