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Second Offense DWI in Missouri

A Second DWI is No Joke

If you have a prior DWI or have faced multiple DWI’s in the past, then it is mandatory by law that Missouri courts try to put you in jail. Jail time is not the only consquence for you if you have prior DWI’s, the driver’s license suspensions associated with a drunk driving arrest get longer and more difficult with each subsequent case.


Multiple offense drunk driving cases have received plenty of media attention, and because of that attention prosecutors and judges are not going to give you a break without the help of an experienced and proven DWI attorney. Mandatory penalties for a person with even one prior can be:

  • 10 days in jail
  • A 1 year loss of license with no restricted privilege to drive to and from work
  • Mandatory Ignition Interlock (the device you must blow into to start your car)
  • A Driving While Intoxicated conviction


These are harsh penalties that can have a serious impact on your life. It is important to remember that with an experienced drunk driving attorney these cases can be fought and won. It is possible to avoid some or all of the consequences associated with a drunk driving arrest if you hire the right DWI attorney.


When facing such serious charges, it is no time to hire a lawyer who does not specialize in DWI cases.


It will do you no good to hire a general practice lawyer to defend you against such serious and specific criminal charges. A lawyer that does not specialize in DWI cases will not have the knowledge or experience to properly handle your case.


Jason Korner is a top DWI attorney, and he only represents clients in criminal law related matters. If you have been arrested for a DWI, Contact his office online or call 314-409-2659 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific charges.


St. Louis DWI Lawyer Jason Korner

If you have been charged with your second dwi offense, then you need an attorney who knows Missouri’s dwi laws and Jason Korner is the man for the job. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 314-409-2659.