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Are You Being Charged With a Federal Crime?

I am licensed to practice criminal defense in federal court and I will help you fight your federal criminal charges.

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Federal White Collar Crimes

Misc. Federal Crimes

  • Possession of  a Firearm by a Prohibited Person
  • Use of a Firearm During a Federal Crime
  • Firearm Theft
  • Selling or Transferring a Firearm to a Juvenile
  • Selling a Firearm to a Prohibited Person
  • RICO
  • Government Corruption

Federal Drug Charges

  • Interstate Drug Trafficking
  • Federal Drug Conspiracy
  • Manufacturing a Controlled Substance
  • Trafficking Within Protected Zones

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Professional Accountability

I make sure to spend one on one time with my clients, so I understand their case and so they get the criminal defense that they deserve.

Dedication to Our Clients

I am a dedicated criminal defense attorney who will not roll over and lay down to the prosecution just because it might be the easiest thing to do.

Client Satisfaction

I provide all of my clients with a criminal defense that they can count on inside and outside of the court room.

Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Trust.

I will represent you in your federal court case.

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