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Breath Test Refusal Information

Fighting Driving Suspensions from a Refusal to Take the Breathalyzer

When DWI cases in the St. Louis area result in the person refusing to take breath or blood test, the police will tell that person there is an automatic one year suspension for refusing to take a chemical test. There is no such thing as an automatic suspension, every person facing a suspension of driving privileges in Missouri has the right to challenge that suspension.


The process to fight a suspension arising out of any St. Louis area DWI arrest is not a simple process. It is important to consult an attorney knowledgeable in DWI defense. The intricacies of challenging a suspension resulting from any DWI case, but especially a suspension from the refusal to take a breath test, illustrates the need for an experienced DWI attorney.


Are People Allowed to Drive Wile Fighting a Driving Suspension?

After a breath test refusal the police will give the arrested person a 15 day temporary driving permit. In many cases a DWI attorney will be able to obtain a Stay Order from the court that will delay the pending suspension until the breath test refusal case has been heard in court and ruled on by a judge.


This allows most people to drive for months following the DWI arrest while the DWI attorney fights the suspension in court. Challenging a driving suspension is also a great opportunity for a DWI attorney to begin fighting any pending criminal DWI charges.


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It is important to have your case reviewed by a knowledgeable lawyer who focuses on aggressive DWI defense. Jason Korner has the skills and knowledge to effectively challenge suspensions arising from breath test refusals in DWI cases in the St. Louis area and throughout the State of Missouri.