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If a Nurse Gets a DWI, What Are the Consequences?

How the Nursing Board Usually Treats a DWI in Missouri

Many licensed professionals worry about the risk of losing their job and their professional license after a DWI arrest. After representing many nurses in DWI cases, I can say that it is usually the first question they ask when they come to my office.


Many nurses have far more at stake in any criminal case than just a black mark on their record. Their job, license, and professional reputation are all a concern.


Fortunately, it has been my experience that nurses only face a possible suspension of their nurse’s license if they receive a criminal conviction for the DWI.


At the bottom of this page there is a link to the Missouri Nursing Board’s website for further information. With the help of an experienced DWI lawyer, most first offenses will not result in a criminal DWI conviction.


My office even represented a male nurse who received three DWI’s. Through determined representation by my office, he did not receive a criminal conviction for any if the three, and his nurse’s license was not suspended.


Every case is different, but it is important in all cases that the individual facts and circumstances are investigated and analyzed for the best possible outcome. Please take advantage of the many pages on this site with useful information about DWI defense.


You can also call my office and ask for a copy of my book “Fear of the Unknown: A Guide to Surviving a DWI in Missouri.” The book is available on Amazon for $9.95, but if you call my office I will mail you a free copy.


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Missouri Board of Nursing Website: http://pr.mo.gov/nursing.asp

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