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St. Charles DWI Lawyer

How St. Charles Handles DWI Cases

St. Charles DWI law is handled more aggressively in St. Charles than in many other parts of the St. Louis area. The police departments are known for aggressive tactics such as sobriety checkpoints and “no refusal” checkpoints.


Even worse, the prosecutors in St. Charles County are known for taking things a step farther than other area prosecutors. This often results in the prosecutors requesting longer jail sentences or more conditions for probation.


For these reasons, it is important to find and hire a DWI lawyer with a record of success in St. Charles County. A successful St. Charles DWI lawyer must have the ability to negotiate with the prosecutors, as well as the skill to win at trial. Often the two go hand in hand because prosecutors in St. Charles County respect a skilled DWI trial lawyer and are more willing to negotiate beneficial plea agreements.


I am St. Charles DWI lawyer Jason Korner and I have a proven record of success in all types of DWI cases in St. Charles County. I have skillfully handled first offense DWI charges with the same tenacity as I handle multiple offense felony DWI’s and a high profile vehicular assault case. Contact my office at 314-409-2659 to set up a free consultation, or click here and my office will contact you.


Results in St. Charles County DWI Cases

I was retained to represent a gentleman from Texas who was in St. Charles for a business trip. The man went to a bar for lunch and drank multiple beers. After leaving the bar, the man pulled his car out in front of a person on a bicycle. The bicycle hit the car and resulted in the bike rider breaking bones in his face.


The driver of the car was arrested, refused the breath test, was forced to take a blood test after the police obtained a search warrant, and he was subsequently booked for vehicular assault. The blood test resulted in a blood alcohol content well over the legal limit.


A video from the police station showed the man call his wife. He is seen on video saying “Hire me the best attorney in St. Charles and get me the f— out of here.” His wife called my office. I was able to attack the case from the outset and was able to get the felony vehicular assault dropped down to a misdemeanor, first offense DWI with no additional jail time for my client. These are the kinds of results that are possible when the right attorney has been hired to fight a case.