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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Criminal Defense

The term white collar crime is often used to describe financial crimes such as various kinds of fraud and embezzlement. Defending financial crimes is very different from many other crimes. First, the evidence is often mountains of paperwork such as business records, work emails, and financial documents. Regardless of the skill an attorney may possess, if the attorney cannot read and understand the evidence in a white collar case then that attorney has no chance of effectively challenging the charges. Attorney Jason Korner is well equipped to handle this specific challenge because he earned degrees in both Accounting and Finance from the University of Arizona prior to attending law school at Saint Louis University. This business background serves him well when vigorously fighting white collar prosecutions.


The second area where white collar crimes are different is in the type of person who face the charges. The people who are charged with white collar crimes are generally business people with no prior criminal history. In the case of Health Care Fraud the people tend to be doctors, nurses, and home health care professionals. These clients are more educated and sophisticated than people facing most other criminal charges.


Types of White Collar Crimes

There are many different types of white collar crimes, but some of the most common are:


Each of these charges carry different specifics, but in almost all cases money was taken or a benefit was received through deceit. Most of these charges are also brought in federal court by a U.S. Attorney’s office. Fighting a case in federal court is very different than defending a case in state court. The rules of law are different, the jury pool comes from a larger area, and federal prosecutors have many more recourses than a local state prosecutor’s office. Although this may sounds like an uphill battle, an experienced white collar defense attorney can make all the difference. A defense attorney that understands the complexity of the federal laws, and has tried cases in federal court is a necessity for anyone charged with one of these offenses.


White Collar Defense Attorney Jason Korner

If you have been charged with, or believe you may be investigated for a white collar crime, it is important to speak with an experienced white collar defense attorney immediately. Dealing with police questioning, and complying with or fighting subpoenas during the investigation phase can be a vital part of the long term defense strategy in a white collar case. If you are in this position call Jason Korner at 314-409-2659 or click here to fill out the information form and Mr. Korner’s office will contact you.