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Child Pornography Charges

Child Pornography Defense

Facing Charges Related to Child Pornography?

When facing criminal charges related to child pornography, you need a lawyer who understands the specific complexities associated with the investigation and defense of child pornography. Although the penalties for child pornography crimes are severe, there are often many more defenses than most people realize.

These cases can be challenged in the pretrial phase through a Motion to Suppress the search that found the material that has been charged. At trial the Government would have to prove who had control over and utilized the devices where material was found. Finally, there are many issues that can, and must, be raised during a sentencing phase. Although the penalties for child pornography crimes are severe, more cases in the St. Louis area have been charged at the State court level instead of at theĀ Federal court level. This is an important development because the results that can be expected in State court are far more lenient than any case charged in Federal court.

The penalties for child pornography charges can be quite severe and cause you to end up spending several years in prison if you don't have a good criminal defense attorney.

My record of experience and successful results allows me to offer the aggressive and detailed defense for a number of Child Pornography related criminal charges, including: Possession of Child Pornography Distribution of Child Pornography Prosecution by State and or Federal Court Criminal allegations related to child pornography are some of the most serious charges a person can face.

Whether those allegations are possession or even distribution, a defendant can face lengthy prison sentences in both state and federal prison.
The actual criminal liability a defendant could face depends on many factors such as the number of images involves, if there was video, and the nature of any images or video.

The most important thing a person can do to preserve their rights and safeguard their future is to contact a knowledgeable defense lawyer immediately.

Those defenses start the minute the police show up with a search warrant and request to search your home and your computers. There are many search and seizure related defenses to child pornography crimes, as well as whether a person had actual knowledge that content of this nature was on a computer.

It is incredibly important that an attorney is contacted as soon as possible because the quality defense of child pornography related crimes begins before formal charges are even filed.

Do you need help fighting child pornography charges?