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How to Hire a Missouri DWI Lawyer

What to Look for in a DWI Lawyer

Hiring a Missouri DWI attorney is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, but that decision is often made at a time of pressure, anxiety, and confusion. Many people who are in need of a DWI lawyer have never had to speak to or hire a lawyer before and have no experience in how to find the best lawyer for their case. Here are some basic tips for choosing the best lawyer for you.


It is always important to meet with the attorney in person prior to making a decision about who to hire. A phone conversation is great, but it is only a good start. You can only tell so much about someone over the phone, and it is crucial to meet with the attorney face-to-face.


There are often two benefits to meeting with the attorney in person: first, it helps you make a decision about whether he is the right attorney for you; and second, the meeting will begin to build the trust relationship between you and your attorney that is so important in any kind of case, but especially when fighting a DWI.

Confidence in your choice of the right attorney will result in more peace of mind throughout the course of your case.


Things to do when looking for an experienced DWI lawyer:

  • Meet with the attorney in person
  • Ask the difficult questions you may have on your mind
  • Bring family or a friend with you if they are helping you through this difficult time
  • Make sure you feel comfortable communicating with the attorney


Your support network of family and/or friends will be very helpful in getting your through the difficulty of a court case. Those people should always be welcome to join you for a meeting with a qualified DWI attorney. If you, your support network, and your attorney are all on the same page and moving in the same direction, it will help make this difficult time a little easier.


What qualities should I look for in a qualified DWI Lawyer?

  1. Practice devoted 100% to DWI and Criminal Defense
  2. Does not handle divorce, injury, or bankruptcy cases
  3. Certified in Field Sobriety Testing
  4. Experience: Former DWI & Criminal Prosecutor


Finally, it is very important that you feel comfortable communiciating with your lawyer, and more importantly, whether the lawyer is knowledgable and comfortable communicating with you and answering your St. Louis DWI questions.


Many times you will learn more about an attorneys knowledge of DWI law when you begin to ask questions about your case and the process. An qualified DWI lawyer should be able to answer your questions about your case and the Missouri DWI process fully and with comfort because of his wealth of experience.


St. Louis DWI Lawyer Jason Korner

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