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Looking for a DWI Lawyer? Beware the Sales Pitch

Looking for a DWI Lawyer? Beware the Sales Pitch

As a DWI lawyer in the St. Louis area, I have a lot of conversations with people looking for representation in DWI cases.


Many times these people are dealing with a first offense driving while intoxicated charge and a pending drivers license suspension.


One of the more interesting things about these conversations is when the people discuss what some other attorneys have told them about their cases.


I guess it should not come as too much of a surprise that promises are made and consequences are either inflated or minimized depending on the sales pitch and personality of the lawyers involved.


Its very important to point out that I do not believe this is the majority of attorneys, but instead a small subset of attorneys who are doing a disservice to both the potential clients they are speaking with and to other attorneys in the area.

How to Find a Top Rated DWI Lawyer

So how does a person searching for quality representation in a DWI case find the right lawyer?


One of the most important things is to speak with multiple lawyers so you can see the similarities and differences between various lawyers.


Conducting research online and asking the attorneys about their qualifications and experience is another important component to choosing the right attorney.


Many areas of law, especially DWI law, has become so specialized and technical that it important to find a lawyer who specializes in that area of law.


Ask what percentage of the attorney’s practice is dedicated to DWI defense. Would you really want a divorce or injury lawyer defending your driving while intoxicated case when it is not that lawyer’s primary field of law?


A red flag to look for are attorneys who tell you immediately that your case should or should not go to trial. How would the attorney know something that important when he has not seen a police report or talked to any witnesses?


It is important for lawyers to look at each case individually and not make sweeping statements like, “Well, because you took the breath test you can’t win this case and you need to plea.”


After the case is thoroughly looked into the case may not be a good candidate for trial, but there is no way to determine that from one or two quick conversations with the client.


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