Christmas Weekend Sees Spike in DUIs

As we noted in a past post, the holiday season brings about a heightened presence of DUI and DWI patrols by both local and state authorities. Whether they were on quiet urban streets or sprawling interstate highways, officers kept a keen watch over Missouri drivers over the “four day weekend” that proceeded and included both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Figures released from the Missouri Highway Patrol have shown that this year a great deal of local motorists were behind the wheel after having had too much to drink. While the long weekend that surrounded the holiday may be in part to blame, DUI arrests more than doubled from last year’s totals.

130 drunk driving arrests were made over the extended weekend, up from 56 from 2011. In addition, 209 traffic crashes resulting in two fatalities and 91 injuries were recorded. The city of St. Louis itself was responsible for 42 of the 130 DUI arrests.

It bears noting that these arrests were made by Highway Patrol officers only, and do not include local police departments’ actions. Furthermore, with the celebration as the New Year took many out of their homes with drinking on the agenda, it’s doubtless that many more Missourians found themselves on the wrong side of a breathalyzer sobriety test in the recent weeks.

While an increase in DUI arrests over the holiday season may be somewhat expected, no one plans on encountering a drunk driving charge themselves. For those who have found themselves charged with intoxicated driving, legal options do exist that could bring about a more desirable situation. Contacting a DUI defense attorney can help to both clarify these options and increase the chance of a lessened or dropped charge.

Source: KMOX, “DUI Arrests Increased This Christmas, Highway Patrol Reports,” Dec. 27, 2012

  • At any time of year, a DUI or DWI charge can bring about ruined plans and a difficult return to normal life. For more information on how to approach allegations, contact our St. Louis drunk driving law page.