Drunk Driving Charge Possibility Does Not Deter Teen Behaviors

As high school prom season beckons, growing concern about underage drunk driving is rising within Missouri communities. A new study has brought additional alarming statistics, showing that although today’s teenagers are more educated than ever about the dangers of drunk or distracted driving, they have a hard time saying “no” to those behaviors. Experts say that many of these teens may be close to receiving drunk driving charges because they do not practice what they have preach.

A new survey issued by Students Against Destructive Decisions and Liberty Mutual Insurance shows some alarming underage drinking trends. Even though teenagers are generally aware that they should not drink and drive, many still get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. In fact, 10 percent of those teens who said that they never drink and drive actually admitted to getting behind the wheel after having an intoxicating beverage.

Experts say that a disturbing trend is emerging, as teenagers often vote for the “most sober” person to drive them home. Teenagers often think that they are not truly under the influence of alcohol unless they are stumbling towards the vehicle or perhaps having difficulty maintaining consciousness. The result: “Designated driver” has taken on an entirely new meaning. Designated drivers are supposed to remain 100 percent sober; today’s teens consider “basically sober” to be good enough.

Underage drinking can carry a variety of consequences, including the need to mount a DWI defense. Defendants who are facing underage drinking and driving charges may benefit from the assistance of a Missouri defense attorney. These professionals may provide students and their parents with additional information about legal options. Defendants do not have to compromise their educational and professional future just because of a DWI charge.

Source: Forbes, “Drunk Driving: Teens Talk The Talk, Don’t Always Walk The Walk” Jim Henry, Mar. 21, 2014