From Drive-Thru to DUI

Charges of drunk driving can come about in many an unexpected situation. Given the serious consequences that can follow a DUI or DWI conviction, such as a loss of divers license, hefty monetary fines, or possible prison time, St. Louis drivers who have been drinking should think twice before getting on the road. Likewise, those who have already been charged with a drunk driving offense should avail themselves of all legal options in the effort to fight or reduce charges.

One local woman found herself in a strange but costly situation earlier last week after she chose to drive while under the influence. Just across Missouri state lines in Godfrey, Illinois, local police responded to a complaint from a Hardee’s restaurant that a woman was slumped over the wheel of her vehicle in the parking lot. When police arrived they found the woman asleep in her car, parked in the drive-thru of the restaurant.

Upon waking the woman, officers suspected her of being drunk and administered numerous field sobriety checks. The woman failed each test, and was arrested for misdemeanor charges of drunk driving and operating an uninsured vehicle. After being jailed briefly, the woman was able to secure $300 bail and is currently awaiting court proceedings.

Although the woman’s vehicle was not moving, and she herself was asleep at the time of officers’ arrival, charges of driving under the influence still apply in her case. Fortunately for her case, no one was immediately endangered by her being intoxicated behind the wheel, and a strong defense may be able to succeed in negotiating a lightened sentence on lesser charges.

Source: Riverfront Times, “Drunk Lady Passes Out in Hardee’s Drive-Thru, Gets Arrested,” Nicholas Phillips, Nov. 27, 2012

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