Missouri Man Awaiting DWI Charges in 3 Drunk Driving Cases

A Missouri man has been arrested for his third DUI this year after allegedly driving the wrong way down Highway 54 in Callaway County. The man was arrested during the early morning hours on April 17 in connection with the DWI offense. Authorities say that the defendant could face an extended driver’s license revocation if he is convicted on the third drunk driving charge. In addition, the defendant could be required to spend time in jail.

Official reports show that the man was first arrested on Jan. 16 for a DWI offense in Lewis County. The next alleged violation occurred in late March in Audrain County. The defendant has posted bond in the most recent case, and he has been released from custody. All of the man’s charges are currently pending, so he is permitted to post bail and remain free throughout upcoming legal proceedings.

State representatives say they are working to tighten laws for defendants like this man, who are accused of multiple-offense felony DWI. Proposed changes would require drivers to obtain an identifiable DWI license plate. That law has not yet left committee, so it is only in the early stages of consideration.

According to Missouri law, drivers are permitted to request an alternative punishment instead of losing their driver’s license. Some defendants are given the option of using an ignition interlock, or a device that tests blood alcohol content before a driver can start his or her vehicle. This is essentially a mobile breathalyzer test that is installed in the vehicle. An ignition interlock may be a good option for those defendants who need transportation for work or other critical tasks.

Source: KQFX Fox 22, “Man gets third DWI going wrong way along Hwy. 54” No author given, Apr. 17, 2014