November 14, 2014

Health Care Fraud Dismissed

Case Conclusion Date:March 5, 2014 Practice Area:Federal Crime Outcome:Client plead guilty to a lesser charge and received probation. Description:Client was charged with health care fraud for his involvement with a home health care company. He made admissions in front of a federal grand jury.
November 14, 2014

Public Corruption

Case Conclusion Date:March 6, 2014 Practice Area:Federal Crime Outcome:The client’s presumed sentence was 12-16 months in a federal prison, but after a sentencing hearing he was sentenced to probation. Description:Client was charged in as a public official who received illegal gratuities. The client worked at a local Air Force Base and received thousands of dollars worth of gifts from a contractor who did a lot of work at the base.
November 14, 2014

Murder Charge Dismissed

Case Conclusion Date:April 15, 2014 Practice Area:Criminal Defense Outcome:Murder charge dismissed, and the client agreed to 12 years on the Burglary charge. Description:Client was charged with Murder in the Second Degree and Burglary in the First Degree related to the death of a drug dealer in St. Louis.
November 14, 2014

6th Offense DWI – Not Guilty

Case Conclusion Date: September 17, 2014 Practice Area: DUI / DWI Outcome: Not Guilty after Jury Trial Description: Client was found next to his running truck with his pants down. There was a girl in the cab of the truck and they were both very intoxicated. Jury acquitted the client because there was not enough evidence that he was operating the vehicle even though it was running at the time.
September 26, 2014

Can You Be Subject to License Suspension if Cleared of DWI?

On behalf of The Law Office of Jason A. Korner posted in Driver’s License Suspension or Revocation on Friday, September 26, 2014. Can your driver’s license be suspended even if you were cleared of criminal charges for driving while intoxicated? In Missouri, the answer might be “yes.” That is because driver’s license suspensions and revocations are managed in both criminal and administrative forums. Reversing a license suspension that was precipitated by DWI charges may require more effort than you would initially imagine. What happens after I am arrested? First, you need to understand the administrative process associated with license suspension. […]
April 4, 2013

Lawmaker’s Son Faces Underage Drinking Charges for Third Time

On behalf of The Law Office of Jason A. Korner posted in Underage Drinking on Thursday, April 4, 2013. Missouri readers may have heard about a U.S. congressman’s son who has experienced a number of legal troubles over the last couple years. Once again, the young man is facing legal issues related to underage consumption. Most recently, police in another state were called to investigate a disturbance being created by the 18-year-old man at his mother’s business. Police allegedly found him intoxicated and later recovered more alcohol from his residence. Although the young man was charged with underage possession this […]
February 25, 2013

Parade Organizers Hope Cooler Ban Will Curb Underage Drinking

On behalf of The Law Office of Jason A. Korner posted in Underage Drinking on Monday, February 25, 2013. They finally did it. The organizers of Dogtown’s famed St. Patrick’s Day Parade banned coolers from this year’s event. The Ancient Order of Hibernians hope to curb excessive drinking and underage drinking on what is traditionally, right or wrong, a fairly beer-centered celebration. Incidentally, St. Patrick’s Day is also when a lot of people who didn’t expect to go to jail end up there because of an alcohol-related charge such as DWI. St. Louis residents should keep in mind that police […]
November 20, 2012

Missouri City Reevaluates Underage Drinking

On behalf of The Law Office of Jason A. Korner posted in Underage Drinking on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Although clear laws and penalties for underage drinking are on the books across Missouri, debate over how best to handle the issue continues. As legal statutes are studied and possibly reconfigured, both minors and adults of legal drinking age need to keep abreast of national, state, county, and city policies. Currently Cape Girardeau is in the middle of reviewing its legal language on underage drinking, specifically regarding minor-aged patrons of bars and restaurants where alcohol is sold. On the table is […]
October 30, 2012

Strict Laws Police Teen Drinking and Driving

On behalf of The Law Office of Jason A. Korner posted in DWI / Drunk Driving Charges on Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Numerous legal problems collide when a teenager is found to have been drinking and driving. State DUI laws, underage drinking penalties, and other potential charges such as reckless driving all make for a complicated legal situation, one that can quickly speed into costly territory. While parents should always remain concerned and informed about their teens’ driving habits, a new study offers up statistics that could yield peace of mind. Figures released this month from the Centers for Disease […]