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Lawmaker’s Son Faces Underage Drinking Charges for Third Time

Lawmaker’s Son Faces Underage Drinking Charges for Third Time

Missouri readers may have heard about a U.S. congressman’s son who has experienced a number of legal troubles over the last couple years. Once again, the young man is facing legal issues related to underage consumption.

Most recently, police in another state were called to investigate a disturbance being created by the 18-year-old man at his mother’s business. Police allegedly found him intoxicated and later recovered more alcohol from his residence. Although the young man was charged with underage possession this time, he was struck with a drunk driving charge earlier this year.

Since his arrest, he was released from prison on bond. One condition of his release is that he is required to wear a monitoring device on his ankle.

The lawmaker’s son is under the legal drinking age, but he is still considered a legal adult. This could have an impact on how he is treated in court. In addition, the fact that the young man already has previous alcohol-related charges on his record could make it more difficult for the upcoming trial to remain impartial. As such, it will be important for the teenager’s defense team to ensure that legal proceedings are fair.

Facing multiple criminal charges, particular one for drunk driving, can be incredibly damaging for someone at such a young age. Since he is a legal adult, any convictions will likely remain on his record, which could make it difficult to take advantage of some career opportunities in the future.

At this point, it will be best for this young man to consider all of his legal options. Given his history of alcohol-related legal issues, suggesting treatment over more punitive measures may be in his best interest. He has many years ahead of him, and it would be unfortunate to see events in his teenage years put a damper on his full potential.

Source: The Athens Banner-Herald, “Congressman’s son again arrested in Athens,” March 22, 2013

Jason Korner

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