Third Violation Prompts Felony DWI Charge for St. Louis Man

Not long ago, police in Creve Couer pulled over a 62-year-old man they suspected was driving under the influence of alcohol shortly after midnight. After determining that the man was over the legal limit, the officers arrested him on felony DWI charges. Under Missouri law, repeat offenders may be subject to a more serious felony charge, which threatens the accused person’s freedoms.

According to police records, the man in question has been found guilty of drunk driving on two previous occasions — in 1984 and 1998. In the ongoing case, however, law enforcement officials are taking the situation very seriously, as they have placed the man on $10,000 bail.

This case serves as a reminder of the permanency of drunk driving convictions. Even though the man faced DWI charges at least 15 or more years ago — on both counts — his record still contributed to the felony charges currently being pursued.

Although criminal charges of any magnitude are unwelcome issues to deal with, felony charges are especially serious. Those who have a felony on their record may face difficulty finding jobs or housing. Beyond that, those with felonies on their records often lose the privilege to vote and obtain firearms, even for hunting. These potential consequences of a felony DWI conviction are above and beyond the actual sentence handed down by the court, which could include jail time.

Those who are accused of drunk driving may feel as though the deck is stacked against them. However, by taking steps to ensure that basic rights are upheld at all stages of the criminal process, those facing trial for DWI can work to resolve the legal issues in a fair and consistent manner.

Source: Creve Coeur Patch, “Man Faces Felony DWI Charge in Creve Couer,” Joe Scott, March 16, 2013

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