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Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, Missouri Police Ramp Up DWI Patrols

Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, Missouri Police Ramp Up DWI Patrols

It’s not uncommon for police departments to increase the number of patrols out on holiday weekends. As such, law enforcement agencies throughout Missouri have made it very clear that they will be out in full force over the course of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day weekend with the intention seeking out drunk drivers.

Of course, this announcement doesn’t mean that people in the St. Louis area should abandon plans to have fun with friends, but it is a reminder that police will aggressively pursue any reason to pull over a driver they believe is intoxicated. Even a couple drinks spaced out over time can put a person at or near the legal blood-alcohol limit. Because of this, drivers are encouraged to take precautions.

The upcoming effort comes as a response to an enforcement effort that took place late last summer. During that time, nearly 600 people were arrested on DWI charges statewide.

Even though police are actively preparing for the holiday weekend, it does not mean they are free from making errors in the field. In an effort to meet quotas, police may be careless and fail to observe standard procedures when administering field tests or conducting arrests.

Above all, it’s important for Missouri resident to be prepared for the weekend. When enjoying the company of good friends, it may not be difficult to overestimate one’s alcohol tolerance, an honest mistake with potentially severe consequences. When facing legal challenges, it may be most beneficial to seek counsel in order to determine the options that can help resolve the issue in the most positive way possible.

Source: St. Joseph Channel, “Statewide Campaign to Target Impaired Drivers in Missouri,” Bridget Blevins, March 13, 2013

  • To learn more about facing drunk driving charges, please visit our St. Louis DWI page.
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