Drunk Driving Arrest May Extend Missouri Man’s License Revocation

Under Missouri law, there are a variety of serious consequences for being convicted on drunk driving charges. In addition to potential jail time and fines, a person could lose his or her driving priveleges. On a first drunk driving conviction, an individual typically faces at least 30 days of driver’s license suspension. However, if a person is arrested for driving while intoxicated multiple times, they could get their license revoked for quite some time.

This what might happen to a Missouri man who was recently arrested on DWI charges twice in a week’s time. According to reports from police, the man was first arrested in St. Louis and was also arrested for drunk driving in Fulton a few days later. Both times, he was charged as a “chronic offender,” which could seriously impact sentencing if he’s convicted.

When a person is convicted of drunk driving, authorities may pursue license revocation for specified length of time. Reports say that the man involved in this particular case already has to 10-year revocation periods on his license. The new charges could lead to additional license denial periods. At this point, law enforcement is saying that the man isn’t eligible to have his license reinstated until 2020.

Losing a driver’s license — for any length of time — can have a serious financial impact. If a person is unable to drive, they might not have a way to get to work. As such, it’s important to take repeat DWI offenses especially seriously. With trustworthy legal guidance, a person can determine what legal options they have to work through or minimize the potential consequences of drunk driving.

Source: ConnectMidMissouri.com, “Chronic DWI offender arrested twice in less than a week,” June 11, 2013

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