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First-Time Missouri DWI Charge Can Cause License Suspension

First-Time Missouri DWI Charge Can Cause License Suspension

Being charged with drunk driving is something that should be taken seriously by all St. Louis residents. The consequences of a conviction aren’t limited to fines or potential jail time. Being found guilty on DWI charges will cause a person to temporarily lose his or her driver’s license in Missouri, even on a first offense.

According to state law, first-time DWI offenders automatically lose their license for a period of 30 days. Any subsequent drunk driving convictions often result in longer periods of license suspension or complete revocation of driving privileges. For many people, being unable to legally drive for any period of time can make it difficult to make it to and from work on a daily basis, which could have a significant financial impact.

Recently, a man from DePeres was pulled over and arrested on DWI charges. At the time of the arrest, the St. Louis County man had four previous drunk driving convictions and a pending DWI charge stemming from an arrest in early April. Because of this man’s record, what will happen to his driver’s license?

Although reports do not indicate whether this man has had his license revoked already, it may definitely be a consideration if he is found guilty of the pending DWI charges. Since the most recent arrest, the man was ordered by the court to wear an ankle monitor that checks his blood-alcohol content at all times.

Not only can a drunk driving conviction impact a person’s occupation in the short term, due to temporary license suspension, it can also harm career prospects in the future. Certain jobs require special driver’s license endorsements, which can be difficult or impossible to receive with a DWI on record. As such, building a strong defense can be an effective way to see that charges are resolved in the most positive way possible.

Source: Kirkwood Patch, “Des Peres Man Who Nearly Caused Collision Collects Fifth Impaired Driving Charge,” Joe Scott, April 23, 2013

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