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How Aggressive Criminal Defense Can Help Those Facing DWI Charges

How Aggressive Criminal Defense Can Help Those Facing DWI Charges

Do you need an aggressive attorney for your drunk driving case? If you are a Missouri resident who is facing a first offense DWI — or a subsequent allegation — you may benefit from the tenacious representation provided by our legal team. Facing DWI charges in Missouri can be confusing and scary. These charges can also have a significant impact on your future, depending on your line of work and social goals. Protect yourself against such serious implications by relying on the assertive legal tactics employed by our experienced attorneys.

Many drivers accused of DWI offenses in Missouri do not know their rights during a traffic stop. In some instances, field sobriety tests and breath tests are administered in an unethical or inaccurate fashion. It is our attorneys’ job to find out whether law enforcement officers made a mistake when administering your sobriety tests. Evaluating officers’ actions during your traffic stop may reveal some impropriety that can be used to combat your DWI charges.

DWI charges can lead to future challenges for a variety of reasons. First, defendants who are convicted may suffer from reduced mobility — inability to drive to work or school — and they can also miss out on important job opportunities because of an alcohol-related conviction. Further, car insurance rates may skyrocket in the aftermath of an alleged DWI offense.

Whether you are facing your first or fifth drunk driving charge, you need the assistance of an attorney to help you navigate the Missouri courts. Rely on our legal team to help you learn more about your legal rights. Aggressive representation can sometimes make the difference between a conviction and acquittal for those facing DWI offenses.

Source: The Law Office of Jason A. Korner, “Skillful DWI Defense from an Aggressive Attorney” Aug. 26, 2014


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