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Mom Facing DWI Charge After Toddler Falls Out of Car

Mom Facing DWI Charge After Toddler Falls Out of Car

A 30-year-old woman is facing multiple charges after a young child reportedly fell out of her vehicle while she was driving. The woman is facing a DWI charge in addition to allegations of possession of marijuana, child endangerment and failure to provide proof of insurance, among others. The incident occurred on Chipman Road in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Official reports show that the driver was preparing to turn onto Hwy. 50 when the 1-year-old child in the back of the vehicle fell out of a rear passenger door. The child struck the roadway. A witness said she saw the door to the vehicle open, and something fell out; it took her a few seconds to realize that a child had fallen from the vehicle. At that point, she ran into traffic, screaming for vehicles to stop before hitting the child.

At that point, the child’s mother apparently leaped from the vehicle. The witness said she offered to hold the child until help arrived. The mother reportedly told officers at the scene that another child had unbuckled the younger child from the car seat. However, after an initial investigation, it appears that the child was not properly restrained in the rear of the vehicle. That lack of restraint likely led to the child falling from the car.

The defendant in this case is facing significant charges for DWI offenses and several other types of charges. Defendants who are facing multiple offenses may benefit from the assistance of a Missouri criminal defense attorney. These professionals may provide additional information about defendants’ legal rights and responsibilities, especially when DWI offenses occur at the same time as other alleged violations.

Source: KMBC-TV, “Woman charged after child falls out of moving vehicle” Peggy Breit, Mar. 10, 2014


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