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November Sobriety Checkpoints to Increase

November Sobriety Checkpoints to Increase

In any driving situation where intoxication may be a factor, care and caution are the best policies to adopt. Aside from the obvious interest in safety, both for themselves and others, Missouri drivers have an added incentive to exercise caution when intoxicated: strict police enforcement.

All this month, local police in Lake Saint Louis are heightening the case for sober driving in the area. Officers plan to install numerous sobriety checkpoints throughout November in hopes of cracking down on drunk drivers. Local motorists may find themselves pulled over, even if they have been driving sensibly and without probable cause for intoxication.

Officers do not plan to reveal where the DWI/DUI checkpoints will be located, but drivers can expect to be pulled over and checked, even in the middle of traffic. Those who fail sobriety tests will be arrested, while anyone under the legal limit of intoxication will be let go after a short delay.

The Lake Saint Louis Police Chief acknowledged the inconvenience and lost time that checkpoints will cause drivers who have not been drinking, but also anticipates that “cooperation and patience from citizens will assist in this important public safety effort.”

These sorts of random checkpoint stops can both work to protect Missouri roadways and possibly infringe upon drivers’ rights, regardless of if they are intoxicated or sober. Residents of Lake Saint Louis should keep in mind their rights to resist an unlawful search, and know that even if they are arrested for drunk driving they have numerous legal options than can help to reduce or even completely dismiss charges. If beset with allegations of drunk driving, the best decision any driver can make is to contact an attorney with experience in DWI and DUI law.

Source: Stl Today, “Lake Saint Louis police to conduct sobriety checks,” Brian Flinchpaugh, Nov. 5, 2012

  • Increased police enforcement can quickly lead to an unexpected drunk driving charge. For information on how to avoid strict sentencing, contact our St. Louis DWI law page.
Jason Korner

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