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What You Must Know After Your DWI Traffic Stop

What You Must Know After Your DWI Traffic Stop

an officer conducting a dwi traffic stop

Things You Need to Know After a DWI Traffic Stop

Are you a Missouri resident who has chosen to refuse a breath test in connection with your DWI case? If so, you may believe that an impending license suspension is unavoidable. Others may have told you that you will automatically lose the right to drive after refusing a breathalyzer during a DWI traffic stop. Not so fast! In fact, drivers may be able to continue operating their vehicles depending on the outcome of the next legal proceeding. Swift action is required, however, to protect drivers’ rights in the wake of a DWI arrest.

Missouri drivers who have refused a breath test will be issued a 15-day temporary driving permit. During that time, quick action must be taken to protect the driver’s rights. In many instances, an attorney may be able to successfully seek a Stay Order that will delay a looming license suspension. You do not necessarily have to lose your license while you wait for your case to be decided by a Missouri judge.

Quick legal action in the wake of your DWI arrest can allow you to continue driving for months while your case is still pending in the courts. That means that you can continue to work, visit family members and enjoy other everyday activities without the burden of license suspension. Breath test refusal does not always have to lead to immediate license suspension.

When you are facing DWI charges and consequences for breath test refusal, you should not attempt to fight the legal system on your own. Only an experienced attorney can provide you with the legal support you need to aggressively fight a drunk driving charge. A DWI charge can follow you for the rest of your professional and social life; do not take a chance with your criminal defense.

Source: The Law Office of Jason A. Korner, “ST. Louis DWI Attorney – Breath Test Refusal” Sep. 17, 2014

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