Young Missourians More Likely to Drink Underage During Holiday

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings, over-indulgence in delicious food and last-minute grocery shopping. Would you believe that this innocuous holiday is also the most common time for underage drinking to occur? That’s right: The night before Thanksgiving is widely known as the biggest night for underage drinking. Many of those drinkers may be prone to driving even after illegally consuming booze. Young people who consume alcohol and get behind the wheel during the holidays could face big penalties, even if this is their first offense. Experts offer some tips for adults who want to prevent underage drinking during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season.

First, parents should store their alcohol in a secure location and monitor youngsters in the house for signs of intoxication. Retailers are also on the lookout during the holidays for young drinkers who attempt to obtain alcohol with the use of fake IDs. Missouri workers pay extra attention to identification during the holiday season because of this drinking trend. Every person who attempts to purchase alcohol in Missouri may be denied if the ID is even thought to be invalid.

College students throughout Missouri face significant criminal penalties if they are caught drinking under age 21. They can be cited and face additional sanctions such as community service. Parents are not exempt from these penalties, either, as adults who purchase alcohol for their youngsters can be subject to fines related to those criminal offenses.

Even with all of these precautionary measures, some youngsters manage to get their hands on booze during the holiday season. Some of those will invariably get into trouble with the law because of their questionable decisions. Young people who get in trouble for drinking do not have to face the courtroom alone, however; qualified DUI attorneys and other criminal defense lawyers can help them navigate the criminal system, maximizing the outcome of their case while promoting a brighter professional and educational future.

Source:, “Thanksgiving Eve is biggest night for underage drinking” Christina Watkins, Nov. 27, 2013