Underage Drinker Allegedly Passes Out on Stranger’s Couch

A Missouri youth was claimed to have been driving while drunk and crashing his car onto the property of a church.  It is further alleged that he fled the scene, entered a stranger’s home and fell asleep on a couch.

The owners of the home called county law enforcement officers to report that they had found this youth in their home.  He was arrested after officers arrived at the home and then released into the custody of his parents.  The young man reported to law enforcement officers that the last thing he remembered was playing beer bong.

A County Sheriff indicated that the youth was very fortunate. The young man, he implies, could either have gotten into an accident on the road or been shot by the homeowners for his alleged unlawful entry.

Though it’s difficult to disagree with this assessment, it does not appear that the young man intended any harm. Young people often engage in foolish actions and find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Even if what was reported was true, underage drinking is common in our culture.

The way municipalities have often dealt with underage drinking is by stiffening criminal penalties. Yet especially when dealing with young people, we need to make certain an arrest does not result in more damage than good.

Attorneys that defend alleged youthful offenders are there to make certain that penalties are not disproportionate to the offense, and that the youth can receive the guidance and advice they need so they can avoid further trouble in the future.

Source: KY3, “Sheriff: Underage drinker crashes vehicle, enters home, passes out on couch, gets Tased,” Chris Brewer, Sep. 17, 2013